Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deep Sea Firefighter

Deep Sea Firefighter is a synthy experimental electronic act from Denton. I believe they(not sure how many members) were launched within a month and a half or so, with their release on Bandcamp being at the beginning of November and their Facebook saying the page was started on December 4th. Despite the young age of the band, their four track release on bandcamp shows a lot of promise for the band and I think that Deep Sea Firefighter is here to stay for awhile. The about fifteen minute release on bandcamp is an interesting piece that reflects genres from all areas, and eras, of the electronic genres. The song Electric Sheep is my favorite of the four, it's a very modern and progressive sounding track that melts together accepted genres, and their common characteristics, into something new. The four songs appear to be heavily influenced by the earliest genres of Electronic and the most cutting edge ones. I hope to hear more from this group soon! Download at name your price here.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Vagabond is a new trio out of Denton who released their own Bolivar Street EP, back in August. The EP suffered from complications and production had to be ended prematurely, but the four piece album is still an awesome release, that can be best described as Psychedelic Power Pop Punk. The first song (Travelin') is my favorite, with the vocals flowing over the instruments exceedingly well. Although the four track EP never was fully made to its potential, it shows a huge promise for this trio, who are planning on releasing a full length next year with seven new songs and the first three on the album being re-recorded. The EP is available on their Bandcamp here.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Interview with Brian Lambert

Indie Middle Of Nowhere: Alright, first question: The second half of this year you've released The Line That Fades, as well as having an album coming out soon with My Kickdrum Heart and I'm sure you've been quiet busy; how's it been for you musically?
Brian Lambert: Musically it has been very good. I feel like I am really finding my voice. In terms of feeling like I am working on my art things are moving along and I can see a progression. Things are picking up on the recognition end as well. Not necessarily as fast as one would like, but I feel like it is catching on. When I can pay the bills I think I will be in a good shape.
IMON: You said you feel like you're really finding your voice, what are some of your influences on your voice and your music as a whole?
B: Well early on it was Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen that whole first wave of MTV music. Then I found the Beatles and the 60's, Hendrix, the Doors, Led Zepelin, etc. When I was in high school Nirvana and the whole Seattle scene broke and I got into heavier bands like Nine Inch Nails, Tool. My tastes then went a little more indie. Spoon is one of my favorites as well as Wilco and Ryan Adams. Right now I really like Japandroids and I just was listening the new Death Cab for Cutie. Throw some older Texas country on top that and some Motown and soul guys like Otis Redding and Al Green and it kind of describes what has influenced me.
IMON: I can see how those have influenced your music! Is there anything that has influenced My Kickdrum Heart's upcoming album ("Love in Times of Apocalypse...Sexy Party") in particular?
B: Well with the group we are really working at bringing all our personalities to bear on the process. I think we have more of a general direction with what we are going for as opposed to group influences. We want the something that moves, so the rhythm is really important. In addition we are trying to balance a sort of seriousness in the lyrics with a fun sort of music. Hit you in the gut first and then let your brain catch up. People ask and it always a challenge to describe, but I think the sound id familiar but you can't really place it any one genre or epoch of rock music in particular.
IMON: The first single ("Falling") off "Love in Times of Apocalypse..Sexy Party" seems to be a less acoustic sounding of a track compared to previous one songs released by My Kickdrum Heart; will the album be like that also?
B: Yes, most definitely. The lineup has completely changed since our first EP. It is most definitely an upbeat affair. The next song we will release, "Better" has almost a grunge flavor to it. Very rhythm heavy with an anthemic chorus. The album will really be all over the place stylistically from Doorsy surf rock to sweet and sultry motown garage to full speed ahead punk. Somehow we are able to get a cohesive sound so it all makes sense.
IMON: While on the topic of the next album, any hints as to when it may come out?
B: I would love to say the beginning of the year. Lord knows I am pushing. This man's army is made up of volunteers so getting everyone to finish up their parts can be challenging. But that being said I would expect to have out another single within the next month and the album no later than 35 Denton. If it is that late I'll probably have some dead band members on my hands. In that case we'll do a release from jail. I hear that's good press.
IMON: Haha, speaking of 35 Denton, do you have plans on playing at the festival?
B: We have not made any plans at this point, but something always comes up. We'll know more at the beginning of the year.
IMON: Alright, next to last question: what are your hopes for "Love in Time of Apocalypse...Sexy Party"?
B: My aim is to make the greatest rock record since Nirvana's "Nevermind". Everyone sounds the rock is dead knell, so you know it's time for it to push it's hand up out of the ground and pull itself up to go devour some people again. Everyone says that there can't be a band like that again. A band that everyone just likes, I aim to be that band that connects with people.
IMON: Lastly, where would you like to My Kickdrum Heart to be within the next year?
B: As long as I am setting bar low, I would like us to be playing festivals. Shows where we really get connect with large groups of people. I would also like to be finishing up the next record and getting ready to play some exciting dates outside the US.
IMON: That's great to hear! Thanks again for taking the time to do an interview!
B: Thank you, I appreciate all the kind words. It was fun.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Tonight, at Hailey's, is a great show that I highly recommend! The show is brought to you by Austin based Eye In The Sky, and features Terrestrials, Henry + The Invisibles, Whiskey Shivers, and Horse Thief.
Terrestrials is one of Denton's own acts, and plays a bluesy style of funk that is both easy on the ears and great to hear. Henry + The Invisibles is a one man funk band from San Antonio, and unfortunately I do not know much about him, or the next band, Whiskey Shivers. Whiskey Shivers is a energetic and somewhat faster paced bluesgrass quintet band from Austin. The headliner of the night is formerly Denton based band Horse Thief. I actually am a fan of Horse Thief, and was able to catch them at 35 Conferette, way back in March 2011. Horse Thief is an awesome and energetic psychedelic rock band with a folksy twist. Their concert at 35 Conferette was incredibly energetic and all around fun band that always promises a great show.

The show starts at 9 with a performance by Terrestrials, followed by Henry + The Invisibles, then Whiskey Shivers, and lastly at 12 am, Horse Thief. The show is free to those 21 and up and is $5 for those under 21. Check it out, it should be one of the best shows of the last quarter of the year!

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Kickdrum Heart

My Kickdrum Heart, a spectacular band I've covered before, has released a new track, from their upcoming album "Love In Times Of Apocalypse... Sexy Party"; the name of the new single is "Falling". Falling is an upbeat, energetic indie ballad of sorts. The song is four and a half minutes long and shows a large amount of potential for the new album. The song is not necessarily minimalistic, but it for sure is not a song that goes in excess. There's not tons of instruments, nor is there a striving for over achievement; the song has almost an 80s simplicity that is emotional and basic at the same time. It's almost an upbeat version of The Smiths, or even a more energetic Death Cab For Cutie. As I've said before- its basic music that is full of emotion that goes goes to the core in an instant. The lyrics are just as emotional and powerful, sung with a sense of hope. Expect much from this band in the upcoming months. Listen to the new track Here.

Also an interview with My Kickdrum Hearts is in the works--stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Technicolor Hearts

This month's Monthly Band is an Artsy, Dreamy Indie duo from Austin called Technicolor Hearts. They are currently on tour, and have and awesome show planned at Rubber Gloves tonight. The album, Corpus Christi EP is an awesome one, with strong influences to Beach House, St. Vincent, and Baths. Although short in length, the EP lays down a strong foundation for the band, with powerful tracks such as Pretty and Corpus Christi. Pretty is a Folk influenced Dreamy Indie Rock song that has mellow lyrics that relax and chill. Corpus Christi is a similar track, with a slightly different song structure, and just as powerful of lyrics. The album is available for Three Dollars, with the track Pretty being free. You can download it here

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Andrew Ineson

Withered is the new album out from (presumably) solo act Andrew Ineson from Denton. The album, released on September 30, is a 20ish minute, five track piece that for the most part can best be described as a calm and quieter electronic piece that is mostly an ambient album. The album, with the exception of the song 'She Dreams Of Hills', a more acoustic track, is very consistent with it's sound. My favorite song was the second track, Urban Sprawl. It was one of the more layered (at least, I thought it was) songs on the album. The album is set at Name Your Price with no minimum, but as usual, I encourage you to donate at least a little. You can download it here