Friday, November 9, 2012

My Kickdrum Heart

My Kickdrum Heart, a spectacular band I've covered before, has released a new track, from their upcoming album "Love In Times Of Apocalypse... Sexy Party"; the name of the new single is "Falling". Falling is an upbeat, energetic indie ballad of sorts. The song is four and a half minutes long and shows a large amount of potential for the new album. The song is not necessarily minimalistic, but it for sure is not a song that goes in excess. There's not tons of instruments, nor is there a striving for over achievement; the song has almost an 80s simplicity that is emotional and basic at the same time. It's almost an upbeat version of The Smiths, or even a more energetic Death Cab For Cutie. As I've said before- its basic music that is full of emotion that goes goes to the core in an instant. The lyrics are just as emotional and powerful, sung with a sense of hope. Expect much from this band in the upcoming months. Listen to the new track Here.

Also an interview with My Kickdrum Hearts is in the works--stay tuned!